Drone sprayer wasp

EXPRESS Crop Spraying
For precision agriculture

Drone Sprayer for Precision Agriculture

Drone sprayer WASP allows to spray liquid fertilizers and pesticides where tractors and general aviation cannot be used efficiently:

  • vineyards
  • rice fields
  • fields with rugged terrain
  • fruit and berry crops
  • small farms


10 liters of liquid

4 ha in 1 hour

No need for certification
and licenses

User-friendly software
for laptop or tablet

Drawbacks of traditional spraying methods

Manual sprayers

  • Slow spraying
  • Low productivity of labor
  • Dangerous for people’s health

Tractor sprayers

  • Low maneuverability
  • Undesired soil panning
  • Unsuitable for fields with rugged terrain
  • Unsuitable for rice fields


  • Reasonable for area more than 100 ha
  • Need for licenses and coordination of work
  • High cost

Advantages of drone sparayer

  • Spraying rate 4 ha/hour
  • 40-60 times higher performance than manual spraying
  • Safe for people’s health
  • Does not require service lanes on the field
  • Does not firm the soil or move over plants
  • Effective for the fields with rugged terrain, rice fields and vineyards
  • Lift-off from anywhere, does not require nearby takeoff and landing runways
  • Does not require flight coordination and licenses
  • Does not require high-qualified personnel
коптер «ОСА»

3–4 ha/hour

10 liters of liquid

Precision Spraying

Powerful motor and six propellers allow to lift up to 10 kg of spraying liquid regardless of strong wind.

Drone WASP uses pump spraying system. You can change spray nozzles depending on the type of liquid to optimize the amount of chemicals and the efficiency of atomization.

The downward airflow generated by the propellers accelerates the spray, increasing its reach. You can choose among different methods of spraying which are best suitable for the chosen crop.

Changeable nozzles

Atomized spraying

All round spraying

Autopilot Software

WASP software has been specifically designed for agricultural spraying missions. Autopilot regime enable a fully autonomous flight with an optimal trajectory from lift off to landing with respect to the terrain relief.

Mission creation and control is performed in the WASP software that is installed on laptop or tablet.

WASP software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface and does not take long time for training.

Intellectual memory

WASP drone automatically records its current position and remembers its past coordinates as it makes its way across the field. In case the operation is interrupted due to depleted battery or spraying liquid, the flight can easily be resumed from the last point in its memory after changing the battery or refilling its tank.

Empty tank sensor

Mission renewal

Easy mission

Technical specifications

Type: hexacopter, 6 motors and propellers

Liftoff weight: up to 30 kg

Size unfolded: 180 cm х 70 cm

Liquid capacity: 10 litres

Maximum working speed: 8 m/s

Working flight altitude: 1-5 m

Spraying performance: 4 ha/hour, 30 ha/8 hours

1 ha spraying time: 12 minutes

Protection: corrosion, dust and water

Flight regime: autonomous, semi-autonomous, manual

No need to certificates and licenses


Supply package

  • WASP Drone Sprayer
  • Software
  • Pilot guide
  • Technical documentation
  • Consumables: batteries and repair kit


  • Pilot training
  • Technical support
  • Software update
  • Guarantee maintenance and repair

Drone and software can me modified according to the customer’s requirements.

Contact us and we will calculate the optimal option for your farm with respect to specific crop or plant, spraying area, season and other factors.


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Drone sprayer WASP has been developed with the support of Foundation for the Assistance of Small Innovative Enterprises in the framework of NTI Aeronet initiative.